Winter House Selling Tips

Thinking of selling, but not sure if you (and your home) are market-ready? Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Home Selling Prep Tips:

  • Gather mortgage information & obtain current payoff quote from lender
  • Contact a real estate expert in your area for a complimentary consultation (we would LOVE to serve you if you are in Kentucky!)
  • Check that all light fixtures are brightly lit, replace any burnt-out bulbs
  • Paint Touch-Up 
  • Deep Clean (baseboards, ceiling fixtures, shelves, walls, windows, etc)
  • Replace All Filters
  • Schedule Tree & Shrub Trimming 
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Light Plates, replace any cracked or mismatched plates
  • Declutter (cabinets, closets, & all surfaces)

Contact our team today to receive a FREE consultation and guide book to buying or selling a home in Central Kentucky. We want to serve YOU!

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