Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

The Winter season is already upon us, but that does not mean that home maintenance goes into hibernation! Here are a few items to consider as you check-off your home’s to-do list.

Have You Checked These Items Off Your List?

  • Check insulation (any rooms colder than other areas of the home or difficulty regulating the temperature can be signs of insulation issues)
  • Replace HVAC Filters
  • Check Smoke Detectors
  • Vacuum Fridge Coils 
  • Set Ceiling Fans to Clockwise
  • Clean Range Hood and Filter
  • Set Heat to 65F or Higher
  • Clean Garbage Disposal and Drains
  • Inspect Fire Extinguisher
  • Prepare for Snow (locate and inspect ice scrapers, snow shovels, etc)
  • Insulate Hot Water Tank (if your tank permits)
  • Remove Window Screens
  • Install Storm Windows and Doors



This list is certainly not comprehensive, but hopefully it helps you get started on creating your own seasonal to-do list!


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