Local Beer: Blue Stallion Strawberry Shortcake Sour

I first had this beer at Ethereal Brewing back around Thanksgiving, as I believe it is a collab between the two Lexington breweries. It was unique enough that I wanted to try it again to provide a write-up for you.

Base Stats
6.5% ABV Sour w/Strawberries

Typical golden ale/sour appearance. Looks like your mental image of a typical beer.

Somewhat of a modern marvel. While it has distinctive strawberry flavor, it somehow manages (I don't know how) to have a very prominent cake flavor as well, exactly as the name suggests. Mildly sour, especially on the back end and aftertaste, but this is largely an afterthought compared to the sweetness of the cake flavor.

Unique, extremely drinkable, a pleasure to experience. You could definitely drink a few of these in a row without getting tired of it, but I would say it's a little too sweet/desserty to be a session beer.

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